Friday, January 20, 2012

I fail so bad.

I haven't worked out in..a week?

I've been sick. I have this horrible head cold and a sore throat that I'm scared beyond measure will turn into strep throat. >.<

I AM still eating healthier, though. I'm baking a lot of goodies, but not tearing into them like I used to. I'm very cautious.

I'm noticing that I'm still feeling better physically with doing things I couldn't do before.

This is kind of embarrassing...

Before all this, I could barely make it up and down the steps once without being out of breath.
I couldn't keep standing in the kitchen during cooking. I had to take breaks. 
I couldn't keep up with the kids.
I had a hard time sleeping/waking up. I still have problems falling asleep, but I wake up fine in the mornings. Most of the time.

I'm 23. It shouldn't be this way.

I'm debating on going in for a physical and talking to the doctor about something, because I need to do some early prevention.

My mom's side is all South Korean. Relatively healthy.
My dad's side is all obese with diabetes. 

I can't handle needles. I can't follow my dad in this one. 

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