Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 2. Ouch.

I started doing the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred yesterday.


I've tried starting it before. A few times. And you know what?
This is embarrassing to admit.

I never made it past the warm up. No joke.

But here's to keeping true with my resolution of losing weight, huh?

When I weighed myself at my parents' house, I was HEAVY. Heavier than I was when I was pregnant with Gabe. I maxed my weight at 147lbs when I went in to deliver Gabe. I feel disgusting.

So, how am I feeling after day 2?

I'm sore in places I didn't think I would be sore. It hurts to do everything. But I can *finally* make it through about 75% of the workout. This is a big accomplishment for me. It doesn't sound like it is, but I'm so out of shape. 
My knees and shoulders are taking the worst beating from it. I thought my back would, honestly, but my knees give out every now and then and my shoulders lock up. To try and help that, I've been trying to stretch my shoulders and knees a bit extra.

As far as a diet goes, I'm just trying to limit my portions and becoming more aware of my calorie intake. My results will probably be slow-coming from this, but it's hard to diet when on a budget and feeding others. Eating healthy is EXPENSIVE.

So. We'll see how this journey goes.

Also, my birthday is on the 14th. I'm asking for DDR. That's what I used to lose all my weight in high school, about 30lbs. Fingers crossed!

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